Semi’s rant: what would yours be?

Semi’s rant: what would yours be?

What can I ask for that has not already been given to me?

Growing up was fun for me; with my four siblings, and my parents, there was always laughter to go around the world and back. Lol. Despite our humble beginning, I can look back and acknowledge one thing: We always felt we had the best.

My Mom worked to care for the home, while my Dad worked as a carpenter and builder to provide for us all; between them they did a great job of raising five children. My parents instilled in us to always be thankful. At times, when we did not like the food, or the clothes that was given to us, we were always reminded that there were children who wish they had even half of what we were blessed with. Yes, and it was true.

Who else can relate? Ok, I’m getting to the point !

My upbringing, as well as my experience being an entrepreneur, and recording artist has made me “gratitude conscious” so to speak. I can only be thankful; and I am in need of nothing. I pray daily for this attitude of gratitude, I know I am a reflection of my maker. I am thankful for this as a blessing in itself.

Sounds crazy? Don’t conclude my insanity as yet…. Take a second to digest the meat of my gratitude rant:

I am of the firm belief that I was created with all that is needed for me to make it through this life. I also believe that if my heart’s desire is aligned with nature and the creator, I am approved from the foundation of the earth. So, I tell my son and daughter every day,
“No matter how hard things may become or look, never give up!”
“Just stick to the task at hand because in you exists everything you need to succeed.”

Based on this deep conviction, all that is left for me to do is give thanks and show gratitude. By sharing love and following the path of my dreams, I am on my way. Every new day that I experience is another day to give thanks.

I am thankful for family, great friends, a great team, good health, and the gift of music. I face every new day with the excitement that I can sing a new song, an Inspirational reggae song.

There is so much to show gratitude for! What are you thankful for today?

Live a life of gratitude, live up!
~ Semi