Pursue your passion

Pursue Your Passion

A wise man said to me, “If you want to be successful in life, find something that
you’re passionate about and pursue it relentlessly!”

With this passion burning in my belly, he encouraged “you would never have to work
a day in your life.” It was excellent for me however, the sad part to this story is that it
took me a long time to accept and apply his advice.
Still, I am grateful that it was not to late.

There are so many things that I enjoy doing in this life, for example, my career in
sales and marketing excites me and keeps me going. For some time I made my living
doing just that, day-in day-out. Still, I always found myself looking forward to the end
of the day. This is when I would go home to my old guitar to record an idea for a song
that came to mind while I was out on the job.

I never could understand how it was that no matter how successful I was at my day
job, it never gave me the satisfaction that I got from my music. The feeling was
incomparable, holding the mic and singing away, whether it was for one person or a
crowd. I also came to realise that I was always happy doing music and though the pay
sometimes was not encouraging, I always felt fulfilled. I felt fulfilled pursuing my

Today, I still work with sales and marketing doing Real Estate, in Saint Lucia to be
exact but it is now in its rightful place, second to my music.

I now perform at least four nights a week, and I look forward to each night as I
am elevated mentally to that place in my mind where I get that natural high; a musical

For you, I say do the same, the wise man was right, find that thing you have a passion
for and pursue it with all your might!

I have now been able to craft a brand of music called Inspirational Reggae which
inspires me and so many others! I hope it inspires you as well.

Simply described, Inspirational Reggae is modern roots reggae with a message to
motivate and inspire, promoting the one love theme without imposing any particular
religious ideology on the listener. My album “Conscious Paradise” is the most recent
offering which fits the brand Inspirational reggae.

Remember to find your passion no matter what it is. Develop and nurture it so that
you can truly experience that secret to a life of success.

Do you have a Passion ?

One Love
~ Semi