Purpose for life

Semi’s Blog: Purpose for life

Should we wait for the approval of other individuals, especially those who cannot get their own lives together? Can another person really tell you if you are on the right path?

Many times, we look outside of ourselves for answers….. but if we look, we would acknowledge that the answers already lay deep within our own beings. We tend not to trust in the creative power that was implanted in us by our Creator. But, just the fact that we are here is an endorsement to succeed. The sooner we realize our inner potential and act on it, is the closer we get to our purpose in this life.

No matter how you perceive you may have been conceived, there is no such thing as chance. We are all here for a reason. Your purpose in life can only be fulfilled by you, no one else.
We were all created originals so living the life of another person is not worth it. This is why I often say to my friends, “our life is not a dress rehearsal it is the show, the real thing; so let’s give it our best!” It is also a reminder to me that I need to give my A-Game each time. I want to inspire you to do the same.

So daily, I make a conscious effort to remind myself of this. It’s kind of my daily obligation now. So whatever I do, I execute in such a way that it can be my best…. and if I inspire you or someone else in the process, I achieve my purpose.

So part of my purpose is to bring you joy, peace, hope and happiness with every song I write.

My purpose for life is to share Inspirational reggae with the message of ‘One Love’ to the entire universe. I long to see mankind live as one in peace and harmony, I long for” better days”

What is your purpose? Are you working towards realizing your potential?

Live up
~ Semi