Open doors and open hearts? Love is the key

Open doors and open hearts? Love is the key

“Love is the key….” To me this is a simple saying. However it is still a very profound

Can you imagine what would be, if we adhered to and consider this? I can imagine
benefits similar to an experience of heaven on earth.
Many of the world’s great teachers have made this subject the focal point of their
teachings… still; lessons take a long time to learn.

I often question the quality of content coming over our airwaves and internet streams.
The impression I observe is that we are driven by money and greed. All because we
have been led to believe that our value is tied to material acquisitions. Is your value
determined by your acquired possessions?

This twisted ideology, man continues to go to the lowest thoughts to suck life from his
his brother, his fellow human. The outcome of destruction does nothing to hinder his
pursuit of temporary gratification. Why? We are taught that “It’s all about me!” “I &
I, first” there is little to no regard for the lives of others.

We must come to consciousness. Acknowledge that we: (you and I) are just minor
segments in this great big wheel of life.

It takes all of us to keep the wheel of life in motion. Let us regard each other as part of
the same body; when we decide to love each other, as we love ourselves is when we
will experience the true meaning of life.

Let us move forward. Let us emphasize admiration for the creation and the creator.
As we make this change we will show love one for another. Open the door to life and
love. Give to others what you expect and we can all live good.

Love is the Key: FREE SONG DOWN LOAD

Love is the Key
~ Semi