Find Music with Lyrics

You know, today was one of those days where I met someone online who shared a great idea with me. She not only complimented me on what she thought was my excellent catalogue of music, but she gave a suggestion that is still etched in my mind. She explained how she was interested in learning my songs and thought that I should publish the lyrics. What a great idea – I really should meet people like this more often.

I have this habit from time to time doing exactly what she said. I would go online and type Find music with lyrics. I would then find something I like, buy it and enjoy learning something new. I just never paid attention to the fact that I should be nice to my fans and provide the same for them. I will definitely treat this as a worthy project in the next few days. So a few weeks from now, I will contact her with the good news that she can try find music with lyrics and there mine will be. Hey, why not.

I call days like these – days of inspiration. People connecting with people, just randomly and sharing ideas that improve what they are doing. I think the online space is a huge gift, as it allows all of us this great new medium to interact and be of better value to each other.

My promise to you is that sometime soon, lets say by august this year, you can google find music with lyrics and there I will be. Feel free to get back to me if you don’t.

My new challenge!