Semi’s rant: what would yours be?

Semi’s rant: what would yours be?

What can I ask for that has not already been given to me?

Growing up was fun for me; with my four siblings, and my parents, there was always laughter to go around the world and back. Lol. Despite our humble beginning, I can look back and acknowledge one thing: We always felt we had the best.

My Mom worked to care for the home, while my Dad worked as a carpenter and builder to provide for us all; between them they did a great job of raising five children. My parents instilled in us to always be thankful. At times, when we did not like the food, or the clothes that was given to us, we were always reminded that there were children who wish they had even half of what we were blessed with. Yes, and it was true.

Who else can relate? Ok, I’m getting to the point !

My upbringing, as well as my experience being an entrepreneur, and recording artist has made me “gratitude conscious” so to speak. I can only be thankful; and I am in need of nothing. I pray daily for this attitude of gratitude, I know I am a reflection of my maker. I am thankful for this as a blessing in itself.

Sounds crazy? Don’t conclude my insanity as yet…. Take a second to digest the meat of my gratitude rant:

I am of the firm belief that I was created with all that is needed for me to make it through this life. I also believe that if my heart’s desire is aligned with nature and the creator, I am approved from the foundation of the earth. So, I tell my son and daughter every day,
“No matter how hard things may become or look, never give up!”
“Just stick to the task at hand because in you exists everything you need to succeed.”

Based on this deep conviction, all that is left for me to do is give thanks and show gratitude. By sharing love and following the path of my dreams, I am on my way. Every new day that I experience is another day to give thanks.

I am thankful for family, great friends, a great team, good health, and the gift of music. I face every new day with the excitement that I can sing a new song, an Inspirational reggae song.

There is so much to show gratitude for! What are you thankful for today?

Live a life of gratitude, live up!
~ Semi

Open doors and open hearts? Love is the key

Open doors and open hearts? Love is the key

“Love is the key….” To me this is a simple saying. However it is still a very profound

Can you imagine what would be, if we adhered to and consider this? I can imagine
benefits similar to an experience of heaven on earth.
Many of the world’s great teachers have made this subject the focal point of their
teachings… still; lessons take a long time to learn.

I often question the quality of content coming over our airwaves and internet streams.
The impression I observe is that we are driven by money and greed. All because we
have been led to believe that our value is tied to material acquisitions. Is your value
determined by your acquired possessions?

This twisted ideology, man continues to go to the lowest thoughts to suck life from his
his brother, his fellow human. The outcome of destruction does nothing to hinder his
pursuit of temporary gratification. Why? We are taught that “It’s all about me!” “I &
I, first” there is little to no regard for the lives of others.

We must come to consciousness. Acknowledge that we: (you and I) are just minor
segments in this great big wheel of life.

It takes all of us to keep the wheel of life in motion. Let us regard each other as part of
the same body; when we decide to love each other, as we love ourselves is when we
will experience the true meaning of life.

Let us move forward. Let us emphasize admiration for the creation and the creator.
As we make this change we will show love one for another. Open the door to life and
love. Give to others what you expect and we can all live good.

Love is the Key: FREE SONG DOWN LOAD

Love is the Key
~ Semi

Purpose for life

Semi’s Blog: Purpose for life

Should we wait for the approval of other individuals, especially those who cannot get their own lives together? Can another person really tell you if you are on the right path?

Many times, we look outside of ourselves for answers….. but if we look, we would acknowledge that the answers already lay deep within our own beings. We tend not to trust in the creative power that was implanted in us by our Creator. But, just the fact that we are here is an endorsement to succeed. The sooner we realize our inner potential and act on it, is the closer we get to our purpose in this life.

No matter how you perceive you may have been conceived, there is no such thing as chance. We are all here for a reason. Your purpose in life can only be fulfilled by you, no one else.
We were all created originals so living the life of another person is not worth it. This is why I often say to my friends, “our life is not a dress rehearsal it is the show, the real thing; so let’s give it our best!” It is also a reminder to me that I need to give my A-Game each time. I want to inspire you to do the same.

So daily, I make a conscious effort to remind myself of this. It’s kind of my daily obligation now. So whatever I do, I execute in such a way that it can be my best…. and if I inspire you or someone else in the process, I achieve my purpose.

So part of my purpose is to bring you joy, peace, hope and happiness with every song I write.

My purpose for life is to share Inspirational reggae with the message of ‘One Love’ to the entire universe. I long to see mankind live as one in peace and harmony, I long for” better days”

What is your purpose? Are you working towards realizing your potential?

Live up
~ Semi

Pursue your passion

Pursue Your Passion

A wise man said to me, “If you want to be successful in life, find something that
you’re passionate about and pursue it relentlessly!”

With this passion burning in my belly, he encouraged “you would never have to work
a day in your life.” It was excellent for me however, the sad part to this story is that it
took me a long time to accept and apply his advice.
Still, I am grateful that it was not to late.

There are so many things that I enjoy doing in this life, for example, my career in
sales and marketing excites me and keeps me going. For some time I made my living
doing just that, day-in day-out. Still, I always found myself looking forward to the end
of the day. This is when I would go home to my old guitar to record an idea for a song
that came to mind while I was out on the job.

I never could understand how it was that no matter how successful I was at my day
job, it never gave me the satisfaction that I got from my music. The feeling was
incomparable, holding the mic and singing away, whether it was for one person or a
crowd. I also came to realise that I was always happy doing music and though the pay
sometimes was not encouraging, I always felt fulfilled. I felt fulfilled pursuing my

Today, I still work with sales and marketing doing Real Estate, in Saint Lucia to be
exact but it is now in its rightful place, second to my music.

I now perform at least four nights a week, and I look forward to each night as I
am elevated mentally to that place in my mind where I get that natural high; a musical

For you, I say do the same, the wise man was right, find that thing you have a passion
for and pursue it with all your might!

I have now been able to craft a brand of music called Inspirational Reggae which
inspires me and so many others! I hope it inspires you as well.

Simply described, Inspirational Reggae is modern roots reggae with a message to
motivate and inspire, promoting the one love theme without imposing any particular
religious ideology on the listener. My album “Conscious Paradise” is the most recent
offering which fits the brand Inspirational reggae.

Remember to find your passion no matter what it is. Develop and nurture it so that
you can truly experience that secret to a life of success.

Do you have a Passion ?

One Love
~ Semi