The Attitude Of Gratitude

The Attitude Of Gratitude

Yes, it might feel great to win the lottery. Money, houses, travel – these are wonderful, but not enough by themselves. You need the right frame of mind to fully enjoy life. You need the attitude of gratitude.

Be Grateful

Life is better when you feel blessed, when you can look around and say “Thank you, God.” Religious or not, when you see life as a wonderful gift, your experience is a richer one than any amount of money can provide. Imagine going through life like you’re a child, and every morning is Christmas.

It’s tempting to think gratitude comes from having what you want. You see yourself giving thanks if you had money, a loving family, and maybe a house on the beach. Still, you know there are ungrateful, unhappy people with these things, and poor people full of gratitude for what little they have. Where does this feeling come from?

Creating Gratitude

Gratitude arises from how you look at things. It is the natural feeling that comes from truly appreciating the people and things in your life. It is also something you can learn.

First, you have to stop and smell the roses. You can’t be thankful for something you don’t notice or enjoy. Roses really do smell great, by the way.

Then, you need to make this appreciative approach to roses and life a habit. There’s no need to ignore the ugliness in the world, but you have to habitually see the beautiful things.

Start writing down every positive thing that happens to you, and all the things you like. Do this until you start automatically seeing the good things in life. If you’ve ever bought a white car, and started seeing white cars all over, you know how awareness can alter your perception of reality. To see wonderful things all over, train yourself to look for them.

When you are in the habit of “counting your blessings,” gratitude, and a much richer experience of life is the natural result.

Top 20 Reggae music list

Top 20 Reggae music list

Growing up in the Caribbean, Saint Lucia to be exact, I could not help but be influenced by the many styles of music permeating the air waves.
Moving from R&B to reggae songs, disco, soul and country; I would sit waiting to hear the top reggae songs as reggae music always hit the spot to bring out the dance in me.
I also found much joy in the songs of Motown, the likes of Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and the Jacksons to name a few but whenever the popular reggae music came on I just could not contain myself. Reggae music brought the groove for me; I am sure you know what I mean.

Growing up, most of the reggae music on the radio came out of Jamaica from Bob Marley & The Wailers, to Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff to Eric Donaldson and lots more.
The reggae music drive in Saint Lucia was most visible with the ever popular band True tones lead by song writer and guitarist Ronald “Boo” Hinkson. The True-tones was dubbed the best reggae band outside of Jamaica.

The early history of reggae music shows its strong foundation in promoting positivity and black consciousness. Today, reggae artist can be found around the world promoting that sweet sound and message, with some adding the new brand of Dancehall music.
As for me, as an artiste, I keep reggae songs alive with my brand of Inspirational reggae; I promote the message of positivity and consciousness as I share joy through music.

If you are new to reggae, here is my personal Top 20 Reggae music list to get you started.
What would your list be like? Are there any selections you would change in your own top 20 reggae list? I would love for you to share yours with me.. add your list in the comment section below:

1 : No Woman No Cry – Bob Marley
2 : One Love – Bob Marley
3 : Three Little Birds – Bob Marley & the Wailers
4 : Jimmy Cliff – Many Rivers to Cross
5 : Peter Tosh -Johnny Be Good Tonight
6 : Redemption Song – Bob Marley & the Wailers
7 : Night Nurse – Gregory Isaacs
8 : Don’t turn around – Aswad
9 : 96 degrees in the shade – Third World
10: Israelites – Desmond Dekker & the Aces
11: Get Up, Stand Up – Bob Marley & the Wailers
12: Chant a psalm – Steel Pulse
13: 54-46 That’s My Number -Toots & the Maytals
14 :Two sevens clash – Culture
15: Put yourself in my place – Semi
16: Burning eyes – Boo & The True tones
17: Money in my pocket – Dennis Brown
18: Now that we found love – Third world
19: Marcus Garvey – Burning Spear
20: A chapter a day – Jacob Miller



Semi’s rant: what would yours be?

Semi’s rant: what would yours be?

What can I ask for that has not already been given to me?

Growing up was fun for me; with my four siblings, and my parents, there was always laughter to go around the world and back. Lol. Despite our humble beginning, I can look back and acknowledge one thing: We always felt we had the best.

My Mom worked to care for the home, while my Dad worked as a carpenter and builder to provide for us all; between them they did a great job of raising five children. My parents instilled in us to always be thankful. At times, when we did not like the food, or the clothes that was given to us, we were always reminded that there were children who wish they had even half of what we were blessed with. Yes, and it was true.

Who else can relate? Ok, I’m getting to the point !

My upbringing, as well as my experience being an entrepreneur, and recording artist has made me “gratitude conscious” so to speak. I can only be thankful; and I am in need of nothing. I pray daily for this attitude of gratitude, I know I am a reflection of my maker. I am thankful for this as a blessing in itself.

Sounds crazy? Don’t conclude my insanity as yet…. Take a second to digest the meat of my gratitude rant:

I am of the firm belief that I was created with all that is needed for me to make it through this life. I also believe that if my heart’s desire is aligned with nature and the creator, I am approved from the foundation of the earth. So, I tell my son and daughter every day,
“No matter how hard things may become or look, never give up!”
“Just stick to the task at hand because in you exists everything you need to succeed.”

Based on this deep conviction, all that is left for me to do is give thanks and show gratitude. By sharing love and following the path of my dreams, I am on my way. Every new day that I experience is another day to give thanks.

I am thankful for family, great friends, a great team, good health, and the gift of music. I face every new day with the excitement that I can sing a new song, an Inspirational reggae song.

There is so much to show gratitude for! What are you thankful for today?

Live a life of gratitude, live up!
~ Semi

Open doors and open hearts? Love is the key

Open doors and open hearts? Love is the key

“Love is the key….” To me this is a simple saying. However it is still a very profound

Can you imagine what would be, if we adhered to and consider this? I can imagine
benefits similar to an experience of heaven on earth.
Many of the world’s great teachers have made this subject the focal point of their
teachings… still; lessons take a long time to learn.

I often question the quality of content coming over our airwaves and internet streams.
The impression I observe is that we are driven by money and greed. All because we
have been led to believe that our value is tied to material acquisitions. Is your value
determined by your acquired possessions?

This twisted ideology, man continues to go to the lowest thoughts to suck life from his
his brother, his fellow human. The outcome of destruction does nothing to hinder his
pursuit of temporary gratification. Why? We are taught that “It’s all about me!” “I &
I, first” there is little to no regard for the lives of others.

We must come to consciousness. Acknowledge that we: (you and I) are just minor
segments in this great big wheel of life.

It takes all of us to keep the wheel of life in motion. Let us regard each other as part of
the same body; when we decide to love each other, as we love ourselves is when we
will experience the true meaning of life.

Let us move forward. Let us emphasize admiration for the creation and the creator.
As we make this change we will show love one for another. Open the door to life and
love. Give to others what you expect and we can all live good.

Love is the Key: FREE SONG DOWN LOAD

Love is the Key
~ Semi